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Tesla Ceramic Coating

Tesla owners around the world are choosing Ceramic Pro when it comes to protecting their Tesla Model 3, S, X or Y with a ceramic coating.

Buying a new or used Tesla is a great investment, and you want to protect that investment, more EV owners are actively seeking professional ceramic coatings to protect their investment. If this applies to you, then it’s likely that you are wondering which ceramic coating product to choose.

Ceramic Pro Benefits

We can protect the surfaces of your new Tesla with our world renowned ceramic coatings by Ceramic Pro, that leave a clear protective finish, providing the ultimate paint protection against damaging environmental fall out such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar, tree sap. This ceramic coating will also help your car stay cleaner for longer and easier to clean with its hydrophobic water beading properties.

  • Hydrophobic
  • UV & Weather Resistance
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance 
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant
  • High Gloss Finish

Why do Tesla owners Choose Us?

  • Mobile and Workshop: We understand that every customer has different needs, therefore we offer a mobile and workshop environmental. Having the latest cutting edge tools leads to a clean paint job and proper maintenance. Whether it is a new or used car, we have a detailed inventory to give your vehicle the best protection.
  • Great Customer Service: RC Car Care are experienced paint protection specialists who are professional and prioritize customer’s needs. You can expect the best service.
  • Easy to Book: Booking your Tesla in for our range of ceramic coating services is easy, we can be contact by phone, email and even online chat!

The Ceramic Coating Process

The preperation of a ceramic coating is the most important step to ensure the paint work is in perfect condition and the ceramic coating forms a permanent adhesion, the car needs to be showroom clean, free of blemishes, dirt, and anything else your eye can see.

The steps generally involve:

Decontamination Car Wash – A thorough wash to fully remove dirt, debris, and older layers of wax (in some instances).

Iron & Fallout Removal – The second step involves removing microscopic ferrous-based materials that can be embedded in the clear coating of vehicle paint. This involves using an Iron Remover (which is a chemical spray that dissolves these contaminants in a few minutes). The second part of fallout removal is using a clay bar.

Prep Polish – This is followed up with a prep polish, even if you have a newely delivered Tesla we still polish it to ensure we are acheiving maximum gloss and removing any minor imperfections.

The Ceramic Coating Choice for your Tesla

There are a lot of ceramic coating companies on the market today. Many of them are good – some are not so great. It also comes down to the know how when the ceramic coating is applied. You’ll find that Ceramic Pro is arguably the most dependable and longest-lasting ceramic coatings for Tesla cars, and it has notebly been on the market the longest.

There are different packages that we offer when it comes to protecting your Tesla.

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Tesla Ceramic Coating