Ceramic Coatings

What a Ceramic Coating will not Protect

Ceramic coatings provide a high gloss, hydrophobic & easy to clean barrier between the vehicle’s paintwork and the external environment. 

Benefits include UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, protection against damage from bird/bat droppings & tree sap. 

A good quality ceramic coating is highly durable and will provide years of protection providing it’s well maintained using safe washing methods.

Scratches , Swirls and Stone Chips

There is alot of misinformation about ceramic coatings protecting the vehicle’s paintwork against scratches (mainly) and stone chips, this simply is NOT the case. 

Ceramic Pro 9H has been independently tested by SGS and results show that the hardness of the coating is above 9h pencil hardness. 

While this provides some scratch resistance for instance will reduce scratching/marring during maintenance washes, it will not prevent scratches from contact from –  keys, brush washes, trolley contact at shopping centres or contact with shrubs/plants while off-roading. 

Tap Water Spotting 

Tap or town water is treated with various minerals to allow us to safely consume it. 

Depending on the area you live in the hardness (high mineral) or softness (low mineral) of water can vary. 

When left to dry on paintwork, these minerals are capable of penetrating the paint surface causing stains. 

In some cases the staining can become very difficult to remove. 

A ceramic coating will not prevent water spotting however the ceramic coating will absorb the stains instead of the paintwork.