Best Ceramic Coating Option?

Firstly, What is a Ceramic Coating?
A Ceramic Coating is an Si02 (silica compound) based coating used to create an invisible layer of protection on top of your cars paint work. The Si02 is a combination of other durable compounds and active solvents designed to permanently bond to your cars paint, giving your car an extra layer of protection against environmental fallout, increased gloss and hydrophobic water beading properties so your car stays cleaner and is easier to clean.

The industry has evolved from waxes to now ceramic coating products, which are far more durable, have a much greater level of protection and last longer.

However, there are now a lot of ceramic coating brands on the market, which can make finding the best product difficult and time consuming.

So what is the Best Ceramic Coating Option?
At RC Car Care, it is in our best interest to use what we believe is the best ceramic coating product for your car.

Since 2015 we have worked closely with Ceramic Pro after testing many ceramic coating products on the market, and we truly believe Ceramic Pro is a market leader when it comes to protecting you car.

Ceramic Pro was established in 2010, and is used in over 70 Countries by over 10,000 Applicators, the long running success of the brand in not just the Automotive industry, but the Marine, Aviation, RV and Industrial industries is what sets them apart from other car ceramic coating product on the market. Their advanced research and development centre allows them to progressively find new technology and rigorously test their products before they are released.

The ceramic coating industry is becoming flooded with imitation products that are making claims that are unproven and marketing jargon that means nothing. Ceramic Pro have worked hard over the past decade to provide superior ceramic coating products that are proven over the past decade to last longer, protect better, and keep cars cleaner than competitors – all of this is backed up by Official SGS testing – meaning the product is verified and certified.

Making the decision to protect your cars paint is one that is both proactive and smart to keep your car looking great and preserve its value. A good ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro can protect your whole vehicle, inside and out for a very long time.

So if you’re looking for the best ceramic coating for your car in Sydney, contact us for a quote!



RC Car Care are Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Coating Specialist in Sydney.


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