What is a Ceramic Coating?

Essentially a ceramic coating is an additional clear permanent layer of surface protection technology that bonds with the factory clear coat of your automotive investment.

In a most cases OEM paint systems are made up in several stages.

  1. Substrate – Metal, plastic, carbon etc.
  2. Primer – Primer is applied to the substrate. The primer assists in proper bonding of the base coat.
  3. Base Coat – This is the colour coat of the vehicle.
  4. Clearcoat – This is the top layer of the paint system that protects the colour coat and where the shine comes from.

Ceramic Pro, our ceramic coating of choice is developed using nano-ceramic technology. Ceramic Pro permananently bonds to the factory finish and is 2-3 times stronger than most clearcoats.

Ceramic coatings aide in the prevention of clear coat oxidisation and are much more durable to environmental fallout, such as bird dropping etching, acid rain damage, uv damage and tree sap damage. Ceramic coatings possess higher scratch resistance than the factory paint but please note that ceramic coatings are NOT scratch proof.

Ceramic Coatings last much longer than any paint sealant or wax.

The true advantages of ceramic coatings are in the hydrophobic, super slick & high gloss finish. Due to this cleaning the vehicle is much easier. Dirt simply encapsulates into the hydrophobic water beads and rolls away known as the self cleaning effect. Future waxing and polishing is not necessary.

So if you want the best form of protection for your car, bike or any other automotive investment a ceramic coating by Ceramic Pro is the right choice.

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