How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating

Now that you have invested in Ceramic Pro protective coatings to protect your asset it is still important to regularly maintain the vehicle via a washing step.

The key benefit of Ceramic Pro coatings are; maintenance becomes easier because dirt and debris are less likely to bond tight to the paint due to the hydrophobic properties & slickness of the coatings. The vehicle will also remain cleaner for longer.

Outlined below are simple steps that will make washing your car a safe and enjoyable process. Utilising these safe washing methods will ensure your ceramic coating will perform over the long term.

Basic Equipment

  • Microfibre Wash Mitt (avoid foam sponges).
  • Microfibre Drying Towel (avoid synthetic or leather chamois).
  • PH Balanced Car Shampoo.
  • 2x Large Buckets.
  • Hose.

Now We’re Getting Serious Equipment

  • Pressure Washer.
  • Snow Foam Bottle Attachment (matched for the pressure washer lance).
  • Blow Dryer.
  • Wheel Woolies/Brushes and bucket dedicated to wheel washing only.
  • Grit Guards.

Basic Washing Method

When possible wash in a shaded area.

  1. Using dedicated wash media for wheels only, clean wheels. If using the same wash bucket, clean it out before refilling it for the wash process.
  2. Fill bucket 1 with soap water (as per car shampoo instructions) and bucket 2 with regular water
  3. Rinse down the vehicle with the hose.
  4. Dunk wash mitt into soapy bucket 1 and starting from top to bottom, wash a section of the vehicle using light back and forth passes. Now rinse the mitt off in bucket 2 to remove dirt and debris from the mitt.
  5. Repeat section 4 until the entire vehicle has been washed.
  6. Rinse down the vehicle
  7. Dry the vehicle using the microfibre drying towel.

Little More Than The Basic Wash Method

When possible wash in a shaded area.

  1. Utilising the pressure washer and snow foam bottle attachment, pre-soak the vehicle in a layer of snow foam (as per snow foam instructions). This will assist in loosening dirt contamination prior to washing.
  2. Insert grit guards into buckets. Utlisise steps 1-6 of the Basic Wash Method however you can now use the pressure washer instead of the hose.
  3. Using an air blower, dry the vehicle however we prefer to use both the air blower and drying towel at the same time.


Things To Avoid

  1. Hosing off a vehicle only – There have been incidents where people believe simply hosing off the car and walking away is a suitable wash method. This is far from ideal and we strongly recommend avoiding this. Town/tap water has been treated with various minerals that can potentially stain the coating/paintwork when left to dry, particularly when exposed to the sun.
  2. Automatic Car Washes – Automatic tunnel wash machines are too aggressive for vehicle paint work and will cause marring and scratching over the long term.
  3. Bird Droppings – Ceramic Pro coatings are designed to protect the paint work from degrading due to the uric acid in bird droppings however we still recommend being diligent when noticing it by safely removing it as quickly as possible. If the vehicle has been freshly washed simply soak a microfibre towel, rest it over the dropping to soften it (if dry) and carefully scoop it up and away from the paintwork. Avoid rubbing as droppings can contain seeds and other abrasive contents that can scratch the paintwork.

What To Do If You Don’t Have Time To Maintain Your Vehicle

Touchless Car Wash – This is an automated car wash machine that applies various chemicals to the vehicle, rinses and blow dries it. You simply drive in and out and it’s done. We do recommend having a microfibre drying towel on hand as the blowers don’t do the best job at drying the vehicle. Once you exit the machine, park the vehicle and properly dry it down.

Car Hand Wash Service – A much better option than automatic car wash however do some research on the service and workmanship quality.

Detailer – Aqcuire the services of a detailer that specialises in maintenance washing. A detailer will provide the safest & best wash method possible however be prepared to pay a premium.



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