Why Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Is A Sound Investment


Without a doubt investing in aftermarket paint protection will save you A LOT of money!

In most cases dealership paint protection prices are much higher than aftermarket options.

RC Car Care clients have informed us that for the exact same paint protection packages dealerships have quoted upwards of $2000 more than prices we have quoted!

Knowledge, Experience & Workmanship 

Whether your vehicle is new or used, multiple steps are performed during preparation prior to applying a ceramic coating. It is not a matter of just slapping product onto the car after a wash and calling it a day.

We assess the paint in a scientific manner and take steps to ensure the paint is free of contamination, surface defects and is at it’s highest possible shine and clarity. The most major step in this instance is a Paint Correction

Work of this calibre takes years of dedicated experience and knowledge to master. We at RC Car Care take these steps in every detail which is why our reputation is of the highest standard.

Why we use Ceramic Pro Surface Coatings

Ceramic Pro by Nanoshine are at the forefront in the ceramic coating surface protection industry and have been since 2010.

Ceramic Pro design coatings for just about every substrate which means you can choose to protect the paint, glass, alloy wheels, leather & fabric surfaces on your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro coatings last much longer and are of a higher quality in every facet compared to dealership paint protection options.

Ceramic Pro protective coatings are backed by a lifetime warranty*

Ceramic Pro develop coatings for the marine, aviation & industrial industries and have coatings that will protect high traffic areas of your home as well such as kitchen & bathroom areas.

Ceramic Pro Australia only allow highly skilled, insured & reputable business operators to install their coatings.

So you can be rest assured when choosing RC Car Care to protect your investment, your vehicle is in the right hands.

So before deciding on purchasing any dealership paint protection contact us first.

We would be happy to run you through the drill and save you money!



RC Car Care are Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Coating Specialist in Sydney.


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