Wollongong’s Choice for Ceramic Coating

It’s difficult to keep a brand new car in mint condition, but you didn’t buy it to store in the garage. You want to take your car out onto the open road and enjoy the ride. With a ceramic coating you can rest assured your car will be protected from most of the hazards that ruin fresh paintwork. While you can include additional coatings and protecting in your quote at the dealership, in our experience they attach a much bigger price tag than necessary. RC Car Care offer premium ceramic coatings at affordable prices that will protect your car for years. We use Ceramic Pro by Nanoshine which is one of the most premium ceramic coating products currently available. Ceramic Pro’s super slick, easy to clean & high gloss finish means you can skip the wax and polish when maintaining your car.

Our mobile detailing services are available throughout Sydney, from the eastern suburbs and the Sutherland Shire to further afield Wollongong. We work with both new or used cars and have experience detailing many presCge brands and caring for premium paintwork.

How ceramic coating protects your car

A high quality ceramic coaCng will protect your car’s paintwork in more ways than one, including:

UV protecCon – keep your car from degrading in the sun

Environmental factors – bird droppings, tree sap, tar, oxidaCon etc.

Super Hydrophobic – creates a super slick surface so that liquids and dirt roll straight off

Corrosion & stain resistant

RC Car Care also offer paint correction, also known as paint restoration or scratch and swirl removal, to bring damaged paintwork back to its best.

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