paint correction 50/50 before and after

Paint Enhancement 1 stage

from $495

The Paint Enhancement 1 Stage available at RC Car Care, also known as single stage paint enhancement, is performed with the use of 1 product also known as an All In One (AIO) that will provide the paint with a NEAR  swirl free finish. Please note that an AIO will provide a beautiful finish but will not remove heavy defects from the paint. The AIO product will restore shine and clarity to the paint as well as provide some short term protection. If you are after a Show Car Finish then the Paint Correct 2 Stage is the service for you.

The paint surface requires a full decontamination prior to machine polishing. Depending on the size and colour of the vehicle, a Paint Correct 1 Stage service may take between 4-6 hours to perform.


A full wash and decontamination followed by a single stage of machine polishing.

Paint Correct 2 Stage

from $695

A Paint Correct 2 Stage, also known as a Multi-Step Approach. After decontamination of the paint surface, the first step, the Major Correction Step involves the use of a Compound. A compound is a heavy cut polish which is also referred to as a Swirl Remover, used to remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, staining, water spot etchings and in some cases bird poo etchings.

Compounding is followed by step 2, the Minor Correction Step. With the use of a Finishing Polishing, this step will refine any remaining light defects, enhance gloss, clarity and will leave the paint feeling silky smooth.

Depending on the size and colour of the vehicle, a Paint Correct 2 Stage service may take between 6-10 hours or more to perform.

IncludedA full wash and decontamination followed by two stages of machine polishing.

Mobile car detailing at affordable prices

RC Car Care provide mobile car detailing across all of Sydney for affordable prices. Whether you live in Mascot, Botany, or any Sydney suburb, we can provide car detailing services such as – paint correction (buffing) also known as paint restoration and of course our sort after paint protection services without you having to leave the house. Get in touch to learn more.