Ceramic Coating Protection Packages

New Car Paint Protection 

We use world leading products that will leave your vehicle protected from the elements for years. Ceramic coatings are the best form of protection. Advantages include, the car will stay cleaner for longer, maintenance becomes easier, the paint will have a deep wax like wet look without the need to apply additional products and of course ceramic coatings add a layer of protection from the elements such as, UV damage, rail dust, bird droppings and tree sap.

Glass Protection 

Glass Coatings provide a hydrophobic layer which will repel water making driving in wet weather much safer.

Wheel Protection

Wheel coatings will keep wheels protected from brake dust which can potentially degrade wheels over time. Wheels will stay cleaner for longer and maintenance becomes  much easier.

Leather and Fabric Protection

leather and fabric protection will help prolong the life of interior leather and carpet. In cases where spills happen, the interior coating products will repel liquid spills for a period of time to allow clean up before liquids soak in to seats or carpets.