Paint Correct 1 Stage


A Paint Correct 1 Stage also known as single stage paint correction is performed with the use of 1 product also known as an All In One (AIO) that will provide the paint with a NEAR scratch free & swirl free finish. Please note that an AIO will provide a beautiful finish but will not remove heavy defects from the paint. The AIO product will restore shine and clarity to the paint as well as provide protection as it contains a wax. If you a after a Show Car Finish then the Paint Correct 2 Stage is the service for you.

The paint surface requires a full decontamination prior to machine polishing. Depending on the size and colour of the vehicle, a Paint Correct 1 Stage service may take between 6-8 hours to perform.



– Wheel Arches Cleaned

– Wheels & Tyres Cleaned

– Power Rinse

– Foam Canon Pre-Wash Soak

– RC Car Care Two Bucket Wash

– Chemical Decontamination (Iron X)

– Hand Dry

– Mechanical Decontamination (Clay Bar and/or Clay Mitt)

– Machine Polishing Using 1 Stage All In One Paint Correction Product

– Application of High Grade Wax / Sealant

– Windows Cleaned & Polished

– Tyres Conditioned & Shined