Clearcoat Failure

Modern paint systems are primarily made up of a 2 stage system.

The first stage is known as the basecoat or colour coat. the second stage is known as the clearcoat layer. The clearcoat is where the gloss or shine originates from.

The clearcoat layer is as thin as a post it note and this is the canvas a professional detailer works their skills to remove defects and restore clarity and shine.

If left unprotected and/or exposed to the sun for long periods of time the clearcoat layer in the paint will deteriorate. In these circumstances, you will notice paint becoming dull and faded and eventually the paint will peel away from the substrate. This is known as Clearcoat Failure.

There is only one way to repair clearcoat failure and that is respraying the effected panel which can potentially be a very costly process.

The good news is that clearcoat failure can be avoided by protecting the paint with a wax, sealant or a ceramic coating.

For a fraction of the cost of respraying, we recommend keeping up with maintenance and investing in a form of protection to guard that paint from the Aussie sun.


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