Paint Defects – Bird Dropping Etching

Bird dropping etchings are caused by the uric acid contained in the digestive waste of birds.

Unfortunately, bird droppings are detrimental to your vehicle’s clearcoat.

It is best practice to safely remove bird droppings as soon as possible after noticing it.

Safe bird dropping removal methods:

– hose off

– Use a quick detailer or spray wax with a microfiber towel to wipe away in one direction. Avoid wiping in a back and forth motion as particles within the bird waste such as seeds may marr the paint. 

-If the bird poo has dried, spray the area with a quick detailer or spray wax and soak  a microfiber towel with water. Place microfiber towel over the poo for a short period. The bird poo should soften for safer removal.

How can the etching left behind be removed?

In most cases the use of a polish or compound by hand or machine will safely remove bird dropping etching. In some cases the area will need wet sanding followed by a polishing step.

Type 2 bird dropping etching is usually to deep or has etched through the clearcoat layer into the base or colour coat. In most cases this cannot be repaired by polishing.  The area will need to be re-sprayed. 

Tip from RC Car Care

Best practice would be to inspect your vehicle’s paint on a regular basis. Remove any bird dropping as soon as possible before the uric acid within the waste has time to effect the paint. 

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