Mechanical Decontamination

Mechanical decontamination is the process of removing above surface contamination from the car’s paint, glass or any smooth surface that washing and wiping will fail to remove.

Why can’t I just wash this contamination away?

When a vehicle sits outside, environmental fallout such as, dust, exhaust fumes, jet fuel, tree sap and many other particles can land on the paint surface of vehicles. If left untreated for a period of time, these particles can bond to the vehicle and will not come off with a normal wash method.

What do I use to remove this contamination?

The detailers secret no more! A Clay Bar is used to remove above surface contamination without marring or abrading the paint. 

What are the benefits of claying?

-Claying will remove bonded contamination from the surface of the paint which will enable abrasives from compounding and polishing procedures to effectively work better thus making polishing easier. 

-After Claying, products such as paint sealants and waxes will bond and adhere to the paint more effectively thus enhancing gloss and shine more vividly.

-Claying will leave the car feeling silky smooth to the touch. 

Do I use a clay bar straight on the paint?

Yes, however a clay bar must be used with a clay lubricant. 

Are there any downsides to using a clay bar?

Yes, but only one! If you drop a clay bar on the floor it should be thrown away. When a clay bar is dropped on the floor there is a risk that it will pick up abrasive dirt or other contaminates. If you attempt to use that same clay bar on the car, there is risk of scratching the paint with the dirt caught in the clay bar. Throw it away and use a fresh clay bar. 

Are there alternatives to a clay bar?

Yes. Technology has dramatically advance since the clay bar was introduced to the detailing industry in the early nineties. 

Clay Mitt – Claying doesn’t only come in putty-like form, some manufacturers have found ways to manufacture washmitts with a surface that acts the same as clay. A clay mitt is a microfiber towel with a clay like material on one side.

Clay Sponge – much like the clay mitt but with a sponge backing for wiping clean.

Clay Pad – A round disk that connects to the backing plate with a surface that acts like a clay bar used on a polishing machine. By far the most effective and fastest way to mechanically decontaminate. 

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