2 Bucket Wash

imageWhy Wash My Car With  2 Buckets?

Did you know by incorrectly washing your car, you can instill swirl marks and scratches into the car’s paint?

Using a 2 bucket wash process will prevent this from occuring.

One bucket for washing and one bucket for rinsing the wash mitt will do your car’s paint wonders!


1. After rinsing the car, fill two buckets with water, add car wash soap to 1 bucket.

2. Soak a quality clean wash mitt into the soap bucket. Clean a section of your car.

3. NOW, rinse the mitt into the 2nd bucket (rinse bucket)

4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until the car is cleaned.


After you have finished, take a look at your rinse bucket.  Bet it’s got some pretty dirty water in it!

Have a look at your wash bucket. Bet it’s looking pretty clean!

You have avoided

Using only one bucket would leave your car looking clean, however over time, on closer inspection you would see swirl marks and scratches in the paint.

By re-soaking a dirty wash mitt into 1 bucket, you are transferring dirt from the car to the mitt back into the bucket thus back to the car.

Pro tips

Get a Grit Guard for the rinse bucket. Grit Guards help agitate dirt from the mitt. Dirt will fall to the bottom of the bucket under the grit guard which will further minimise dirt transfer back to the wash mitt.

Wheel Cleaning

Use a seperate bucket and wash media i.e wheel woolies/brushes dedicated to wheel cleaning only. Wash wheels first then move on to washing the rest of the car.









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